You have never seen a
calculator like this.


Bookmark your calculations for future reference.

Memory Re-imagined!

Store and reuse multiple calculation results with a simple drag and drop interaction.

Basic + Advanced Scientific Mode

Quickly toggle between them with haptic touch.

Quick Access Menu

( Clean + Simple ) + Yet More

Dark + Light

Quickly toggle between them 😎

Editable Keypad Layout

Rearrage keypad buttons to your need.

Easier Editing

Made a mistake? Just tap and hold to edit them.

Decimal Rounding

Control number of decimal places + Quick rounding toggle

Currency Rounding


Spell Out

Spell out in English + 65 other languages.

Spotlight Search

Find your bookmarks in the spotlight search

More Customisation

iPad - Multitasking Support

Slide Over + Split View Support

Apple Pencil Support

External Keyboard Support

Calzy for Watch

Universal Purchase

Use Calzy on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch with a single purchase on the AppStore.

Privacy Conscious

To keep it simple. We DO NOT collect any user data. If you have iCloud Sync enabled, your bookmarks and app settings will be uploaded to Apple's iCloud Servers, so they can automatically sync across all your other devices. We don't have access to that information.